It was January 23, 1993.  I had given notice on Christmas Eve that I would be quitting my job with an engineering firm and really didn't know what I was going to do to support myself.  I just knew that I needed to do something "healing" for myself and for others.

I had recently gone through a Reiki attunement and loved the idea of giving people Reiki treatments.  I was talking on that fateful day with my Reiki Master and told her, "I wish there was an affordable place where I could occasionally rent a room to do Reiki treatments."

She said, "Carol, call this woman right now and tell her just what you told me."

I called the number she gave me, feeling rather foolish doing so, and said to the woman who answered, "Alexis told me to call you and tell you that I am interested in renting a room occasionally to do Reiki treatments."  The woman on the other end of the line immediately said, "Could you come over to see me this afternoon?"

We made an appointment to meet at a healing center in Pleasant Hill called Reunion.  Diamond met me at the door and we sat down to talk in the small entrance room.  She told me that she had just been "gifted" with this healing center.  The couple who ran it were moving to Michigan and they wanted to give it to someone who would continue to operate it. 

"Would you be interested in running this center with me?" she asked. 

I looked at her in disbelief and said, "Absolutely not!  I would be willing to rent a room from you occasionally, but I don't know anything about running a healing center."

I'll never forget what happened next.  Diamond took my hand and looked deep into my eyes and asked, "Would you please go home and meditate on this before you give me your answer?"

Well, I was stunned, but agreed to do as she had requested.  I went home and entered into a deep meditation asking to be shown my next step.  The answer that came through was so loud and clear:  "You've been asking for a place to do your work.  I am giving it to you on a silver platter and you are turning it down!  Wake up!! Say YES!"

I called her the next morning and told her that I would give it a try.  On March 1, 1993 we opened the Reunion Center of Light.  We had two healing rooms, a small bookstore and a small workshop space and four practitioners including the two of us.  Diamond was also a Reiki practitioner and a massage therapist.  We decided that we needed a newsletter and the previous owner had given us a database with her mailing list of 500.  So I agreed to publish our newsletter to be called "The Beacon."  In it we told about our new Center and invited people to come to an open house.  By June we had grown to 12 practitioners and 7 rooms and by December we had grown to 32 practitioners and 9 healing rooms! 

Diamond and I were perfectly matched in skills and talents and for the next three years we worked together to build the Reunion Community.  It provided me with the perfect environment to shift from my corporate job to a new spiritual focus.

Reunion Center Leadership Team - 1994
1994 Reunion Center Leadership Team:
Carol, Diamond and Sandy
Reunion Center Practitioners - 1994
1994- Some Reunion Center Practitioners

I left the center in September of 1996 when Victor and I decided to direct our attention on our publishing company, Open Heart Press, and to pesenting our Lighten Up workshops around the country.  The  center continues to blossom as does my friendship with Diamond.