The inspiration for the Lighten Up process came to me in a 24-hour meditation I attended on New Year's Eve 1992-93.  I was overweight, unhappy and unhealthy. I hated who I was.  I went to that meditation and I prayed the same prayer over and over again for 24 hours:

"God, give me a tool that will bring body, mind and spirit into alignment.  Give me a tool that will enable me to love ME, just the way I am."  At some point during that 24 hour period a quiet voice guided me to do a very simple, nurturing process of self love. I was to do this process every day.

Frankly, I don't even know why I began doing the process.  I actually thought it was silly -- how could this 5 minute a day process make any difference?  But, I continued to do it and changes started happening -- little changes at first.  Out of the blue, people would tell me how radiant I looked.  I began feeling more energized and didn't need as much sleep.  My clothes started getting loose on my.  It was then that I decided to weigh myself and was startle to see that I had lost 17 pounds!  I wasn't dieting -- I was just doing this 5 minute a day process. 

To make a long story short, within a month my blood pressure had lowered enough for me to get off of the medication I had been on for 4 years, my weight dropped 92 pounds in 10 months, I changed from a high stress corporate job to running a healing center, and I became the person I had always dreamed of becoming!

I began teaching the process to others through workshops I conducted at the healing center that I ran.  People started having miraculous results.  In 1995 I decided to produce the Lighten Up tape -- a 96 minute audio tape professionally recorded at one of my workshops.  The tape has sold over 20,000 copies without any advertising and I've got a file full of testimonials from people who have experienced miracles in their lives as a result of this easy process that brings them into a state of unconditional love of themselves.


Information about ordering Lighten Up products can be found at Open Heart Press