The Living Directory Trust is a soon-to-be non-profit corporation that is being formed by Sergio Lub, Gaye Lub, Victor and myself to hold in trust and to safeguard the intellectual property of Living Directory network, to set priorities for LDN's continung development and to provide administrative oversight to ensure LDN's mission is fulfilled as stated below:

The mission of the Living directory Network is to positively influence the future by:

  • Interconnecting individuals and organizations that seek to improve society through a network of trust.
  • Building online social capital and personal reputations through peer referrals.
  • Promoting the common good by making existing resources visible and accessible to the community.
  • Fostering abundant exchanges by supporting mutual credit systems and complementary community currencies.

The initial meeting of the Board was held on January 12, 2004.  The board is made up of the four individuals stated above along with Bruce Baumrucker and Allan Saxon.