Len Saputo, MD, had long held a dream of bridging the gap between allopathic and complimentary medicine and called his dream "Health Medicine."  In 1994 he started taking steps to create what he called the Health Medicine Forum where doctors and complimentary therapists could share information and learn from one another. 

I met Len on July 10, 1995 when I was referred to him by my naturopathic physician, Ellen Potthoff.  Ellen had been working with me for several months and recognized that whatever was going on with me was not being helped by a naturopathic approach.  I was becoming weaker and weaker.  As Ellen said, "You are losing your life force."  She told me that I needed to see a medical doctor and when I asked her for a recommendation, she suggested I call Dr. Saputo.

The story of how Len was instrumental in saving my life is told in my article The Surgery so I won't repeat it here.  Following my miraculous recovery from congestive heart failure due to a large tumor located inside my heart, Len and I became close friends.  I wanted, in some way, to pay him back for what he had done for me.  The Health Medicine Forum was just getting off the ground, and I was the coordinator of an alternative healing center!  What a great resource for Len to attract complimentary therapists to his forums. 

He started facilitating the forums on a regular basis at the local hospitals and I started recruiting people to attend.  He was offering them free and absorbing all the expense, so I suggested that he start charging for the events and offering memberships in HMF.  Victor set up a database for him and I set up a registration system for membership as well as for attendees at the increasingly popular forums.  He started organizing larger symposiums and the interest in Health Medicine continued to expand.  A board was formed and we held regular meetings to help guide the project.

In 2001 Len realized another dream with the opening of the Health Medicine Center in the San Francisco Bay Area, a comprehensive health center offering “high-tech” modern medicine in combination with the “high touch” style of traditional healing systems,