The Story Behind 5WWC and Circle Connections
... the WOVA and Gather the Women Connection

5WWC logo

Circle Connections Logo

In January 2004 I was serving as the Executive Director of Women of Vision and Action (WOVA) and initiated a conference in Dallas to plan the second Gather the Women Congress that was going to take place in Dallas in October, 2004. Gather the Women began it's life as a project of WOVA and the initial Gather the Women Congress held in October of 2003 in San Francisco was sponsored by WOVA.

I met Ann Smith from Naples, Florida at that 2003 Gather the Women Congress and then again at the WOVA planning conference in Dallas in January 2004.  During the planning event, she asked if I would like to become involved in a project with her and Jean Shinoda Bolen and a few other women from the Millionth Circle — a project they envisioned would start a grassroots movement to encourage the UN to sponsor a 5th Women's World Conference.  I said yes and thus Ann and I became connected.  I designed the 5WWC logo and developed the first 5WWC website in collaboration with Allan Saxon using his interactive software. In 2005 Allan's life took a new direction and he got out of the programming business.   Therefore, in November of 2006 I completely redesigned the website (

At the 2004 GTW Congress, an event that I did not attend, Ann met Rhonda Hull of Port Townsend, Washington and together they decided they would like to start a new organization that taught Circle Principles and Connected Circles.  They decided they needed another partner who had the skills to design a website.  Ann called me and asked if I'd like to become a partner with her and Rhonda.  As it turned out, I had worked with Rhonda over 15 years earlier when she had been living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She had hired me to tutor her on her Macintosh.   So, the relationship came full circle and the three of us co-founded Circle Connections in October 2006 and I designed the logo and developed the first Circle Connections website.

In March of 2008 my design and web development business had grown so much that I had to step down from my involvement with Circle Connections.  I am grateful for my time with Circle Connections and Ann, Rhonda and I remain dear friends.