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How Do I Love Myself by Carol Hansen Grey

Many people talk about the importance of self-love but few actually tell you how to do it! The question you are left with is: HOW do I love myself? It's actually easier than you might think!

In this 44 page "How to" booklet you will learn an easy, 5-minute-a-day process that will teach you why it's important to love yourself and exactly how you can achieve that state of self-love. The booket contains detailed step-by-step instructions as well as many inspirational stories from the author and from people who have used the process to not only love themselves, but also to lose weight, to raise their self-esteem, to cure bulimia, to change their relationship with food, to heal physical ailments, to cure self-abuse, to end abusive relationships, and more.

Carol Hansen Grey has been teaching this process for almost 20 years and has inspired thousands to step into the magical state of self-love. The booklet also includes a list of resources and inspirational quotes. (Booklet: 16,932 words)

How Do I Create Peace ebook

This 166-page ebook presents two unique and powerful tools to help you reach a state of inner peace. You will also come to understand how important achieving inner peace is to creating peace in the world. Both these tools are simple to use. The hardest part is remembering to use them!

In Chapter 1 the author explains why it's important to pay attention to our thoughts and understand their power.

Chapter 2 describes a process called "Free Yourself from Fear" that transforms negative and limiting thoughts.

Chapter 3 describes the idea behind the World Peace Experiment, how it began, how to participate and how world peace could be achieved using a very simple tool.

Chapter 4 contains hundreds of inspiring comments from World Peace Experiment participants around the world. The last chapter contains a list of further reading and resources. (62,744 words)

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simple healing tools

Simple Healing Tools
On the Path to Personal Empowerment
and Inner Peace 

by Carol Hansen Grey

Order Simple Healing Tools from Amazon.comFor nearly two decades, Carol has helped thousands of people empower themselves through her seminars, tapes and CDs. She now encapsulates her years of teaching in this inspiring, easy-to-read guide to achieving personal empowerment and inner peace. Using a unique blend of storytelling combined with detailed descriptions of a variety of healing tools, Carol instructs and entertains as she shares her own personal journey using these Simple Healing Tools.

The book, written in three parts, contains 30 brief yet powerful stories, the 26 simple healing tools referenced in the stories, and a list of resources. Each story in Part 1 is written to stand on its own and the stories can be read in any order. This enables the reader to skip around and choose stories that relate to their own personal circumstances. It also allows for a quick read on the commuter train or in any spare bit of time. At the end of each story the author references which healing tools were used, making it easy for the reader to find a description of the specific tool in Part 2. The simple healing tools described in Part 2 include detailed instructions, as well as suggestions on how to use them effectively. Everything needed to utilize these simple healing tools is contained within this section. Nothing else to buy—only a willingness to take the first step on the path to personal empowerment and inner peace. Part 3 contains a short list of resources the author has found helpful, including products, books and websites. An comprehensive resource list is kept on the website. Using this combined approach of printed book and website assures the Simple Healing Tools Resource Section is always current and up-to-date!

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Personal Empowerment Deck

This beautifully designed Personal Empowerment Deck was inspired by my book,
Simple Healing Tools on the Path to Personal Empowerment and Inner Peace
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