Inspirational Women
This is an important film and commentary on the role of media in shaping our cultural norms about the value of women in leadership positions! Please take a few minutes to watch the trailer and also visit their website at:

At 106 years of age, she is still inspiring people with her music.  Watch this inspiring video.

The United Nations has launched a new global campaign to eradicate violence against women.
The "Ring the Bell" campaign focuses on what men and boys can do to draw attention to
and help put an end to a problem that hits every community in every country.

Gloria Steinem and Woman's Media Center president Jehmue Greene sat down for an
interview with Katie Couric, where they discussed the feminism
(see transcript here)

Meet 88-year old Hazel McCallion, been mayor of 6th largest,
debt-free city in Canada for 31 years! 

Eve Ensler on Women & Security


Watch how one woman overcame a handicap
to lead an amazing life!

Listen to Kelly Corrigan's inspiring words on Women and Strength

Women Answer the Question:  Who Am I?

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on how you can participate.