Inspirational Music

In this section of the website I feature videos that I have found inspiring.
I will be continually adding to this section, so please check back often. 

Cultural Creatives Movie Trailer
Cultural Creatives Movie Trailer

BBC One - Human Planet Trailer

Simply...EMPOWERED by Crystal Andrus

This beautifully inspiring and insightful 3-part video is a documentary that explores Illusion and Reality. 
Get yourself a cup of tea, sit back and watch it with an open mind -- it may change your perception of what is real!

This next video was created by Debbie Martin using the Greg Tamblyn song "One Day On The Fields Of France."  Greg and I have been dear friends for over 10 years and this song has always touched my heart each time I listen to it.  Debbie owns an internet radio station, SeeQ Radio and was moved to make this video after she heard the song.  I am honored to share it with you.

Debbie Martin
Debbie Martin
SeeQ Radio

Jane Rivar - I Am a Woman

Validation -- It will make you smile!

Watch these guys fly -- quite amazing!