Inspirational Music
This section of the website features musical performances I find inspiring. For some other inspirational music video, check out my inspirational videos section.  Enjoy!

Glass harp-Toccata and fugue in D minor-Bach-BWV 565

This is quite amazing to watch and to hear. Enjoy!

When I was in high school I belonged to a wonderful choir.  Our "signature song" was Madame Jeannette.  I recently started thinking about this song and through an internet search was able to find this wonderful recording sung by The Sanford H. Calhous High School Choir directed by S. Talbot Thayer in 1971 in Merrick, NY.  Enjoy!

Madame Jeanette

MP3 File

Music composed by Alan Murray & Lyrics by Edward Locton:

Madame Jeanette when the sun goes down
Sits at her door in the rush of the town
Waiting for someone each close of the day
Someone who fell at St. Pierre they say

Madame Jeanette when the stars shine bright
Sits at the window and looks through the night
Listening for someone to pass down the way
For someone who sleeps at St Pierre they say

Madame Jeanette she will wait there I know
'Til her eyes have gown dim and her hair's white as snow
Wait there and watch there 'til one of these days
They take her slumber to in Père-Lachaise
In Père-Lachaise

Jean-Baptiste Craipeau sings in multi-track harmony with himself.  Enjoy the two videos below.

You Rock My World - 38 Track A Cappella Recording

The First Noel - A Cappella Jazz Multitrack Recording

This is actually a Thai Pantene
television commercial
that I found quit
inspirational . 

The depicts the story of a
deaf and mute girl who learns
to play the violin against all odds. 
Very touching!

Are you inspired
to become your country’s keeper
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Born Again American

Young violinist Simone Porter playing
The Addagio from Mozart's Violin Concerto
Number 3 in G for the Dalai Lama on April 12 at the
Seeds of Compassion event in Seattle, WA.

Prepare yourself to be amazed and inspired by this Amazing Grace performance by Wintley Phipps who also gives us a history lesson about Negro Spirituals
being played only on the black notes!
The Cactus Cuties, ages 6-8, sing
The National Anthem

7 year old, Anthony Gargiula. sings
National Anthem

Be inspired by 12-year-old Faryl Smith singing
Ave Maria on Britain's Got Talent

I Choose Love
by Shawn Galloway

Stand by Me performed by musicians around the world and produced by Playing for Change

Damian McGinty and George Donaldson
singing A Bird Without Wings.

Ukulele weeps by Jake Shimabukuro - Amazing!
Impossible Guitar
by Dominic Frasca