Inspirational Art

Learn how easy it is to draw a "Zendala"

God and Heaven beautifully depicted in paintings by 12-year old artist!

Let's Get Together!
The magical art of Bruno Torfs that was lost in the devastating fires on Feb. 7, 2009

Drawing of a woman from skeleton to sketch

for a better rendition visit the following link where you can slow the sketch or speed it up:

Amazing Artwork by Stephen Wiltshire from London

The amazing 3-D pavement art of Julian Beever -
dubbed the Pavement Picasso !!

See how Julian Beever does it in this time-lapse video

Click here for more photos of the Pavement Picasso's Artwork

Elephant Painting in Burma
Watch this elephant, rescued from abusive treatment in Burma,
now paint an amazing self portrait.

How to make an origami peace crane

For lots more Origami, go to and search "origami".