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simple healing toolsThis newest offering available in mid-May, 2009 from Open Heart Press

Simple Healing Tools
On the Path to Personal Empowerment
and Inner Peace 

by Carol Hansen Grey

For nearly two decades, Carol has helped thousands of people empower themselves through her seminars, tapes and CDs. She now encapsulates her years of teaching in this inspiring, easy-to-read guide to achieving personal empowerment and inner peace. Using a unique blend of storytelling combined with detailed descriptions of a variety of healing tools, Carol instructs and entertains as she shares her own personal journey using these Simple Healing Tools.

The book, written in three parts, contains 30 brief yet powerful stories, the 26 simple healing tools referenced in the stories, and a list of resources. Each story in Part 1 is written to stand on its own and the stories can be read in any order. This enables the reader to skip around and choose stories that relate to their own personal circumstances. It also allows for a quick read on the commuter train or in any spare bit of time. At the end of each story the author references which healing tools were used, making it easy for the reader to find a description of the specific tool in Part 2. The simple healing tools described in Part 2 include detailed instructions, as well as suggestions on how to use them effectively. Everything needed to utilize these simple healing tools is contained within this section. Nothing else to buy—only a willingness to take the first step on the path to personal empowerment and inner peace. Part 3 contains a short list of resources the author has found helpful, including products, books and websites. A more comprehensive resource list will be kept up-to-date on the forthcoming website. Using this combined approach of printed book and website assures the Simple Healing Tools Resource Section is always current and up-to-date!

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Lighten Up CD

Lighten Up CDOpen Your Heart and Lighten Up! (CD)
In 1992 I was overweight, unhealthy and unhappy.  On New Year's Even 1992 I attended a 24-hour meditation where I asked for a tool that would bring body, mind and spirit into alignment — a tool that would enable me to love myself just the way I was.  The easy nuruture, 5 minute a day process that was given to me during that meditation is what I share with you in this tape.  Within 10 months of starting this process I regained my health, lot 92 pounds, looked and felt 20 years younger and began a new career.  This tape is for anyone who wishes to heal or transform their life on any level.  Many have said it is the "missing piece of the puzzle."  I believe that loving ourselves is not only the most transformative thing we can do for ourselves, in this tape I explain why it is the most important thing we can do for the planet.  Bringing peace to the planet begins by bringing ourselves to  a state of inner peace.  My message is one of empowerment and peace through love and I feel my mission is to share this process with the world.  If you are ready for transformation, this tape is for you! Recommended by Louise Hay in her book, Empowering Women, the Lighten Up audio tape has sold over 20,000 copies by word of mouth alone.   $18

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Lighten Up Inspirations: A Motivational Workbook and Journal
This workbook and journal was written help those who have embarked on the Lighten Up process to stay motivated.  It is designed to take one minute a day to complete and will help readers compile a weekly written record of their own transformational journey as they learn to love, empower and heal themselves through the use of the Heart-Opening Lighten Up process. The book, filled with motivational stories, provides a full year of inspirational support and simple, life-changing exercises that are easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle. This book will become a treasured possession. $20  (PUBLISHER'S SPECIAL: Buy the Lighten Up tape and Journal as a set for $30)

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Free Yourself from Fear CD & Booklet

Free Yourself from Fear
Inspired during one of our daily Course in Miracles meditations, the Free Yourself process is a gentle, loving way to help you attain inner peace. All it requires is your commitment to be willing to pay attention to your thoughts and to turn them over to a Higher Power for transformation. What makes this process different from "positive thinking" and using "affirmations" is that it takes your "negative" thoughts and transforms them into a powerful positive energy in your life. If your are ready to experience the joy of a quiet mind and the empowerment of consciously creating the life you desire, this process will help you attain those goals.  $10

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Web Without a Weaver: How the Internet is Shaping Our Future by Victor Grey
In a non-technical, articulate voice, Internet historian and strategist Victor Grey weaves diverse information into an easily understandable and revealing picture of the global future being shaped by the Internet.

Evolution biologist Dr. Elizabet Sahtouris says of Victor Grey, "I really love that he wrote the book I hoped someone would write about the Internet. The Internet from the start has interested me as the biggest and most impressive self-organizing system in human history, forming with lightning speed to save us on the brink of disaster, and he says it all so eloquently, elegantly and readably. I am most impressed!"

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I Love Myself: A Lighten Up Message for Kids
(Out of print - No longer available)

The seed for the tape was planted several years ago when a pre-school teacher who had attended a Lighten Up workshop decided to bring the process into her classroom. She created a song that she had the children sing each day about loving each part of their bodies. She said they'd sing the song, then would end by giving themselves a great big hug. The song became so popular with the kids that if she forgot to sing it, she would get a chorus of kids saying, "When are we going to love ourselves today, when are we going to love ourselves?" The amazing thing she noticed, however, was that her classroom became so peaceful that people would actually poke their heads in the door to see why there was no commotion. Where there had been fighting, crying or acting out there was now peace and the children became loving toward each other.

Inspired by the teacher's experience and requests by many parents and teachers that she produce a tape, Carol Hansen joined with professional musician and K-12 music teacher, Marianne Ort to co-create a musical and inspirational tape directed to children from infancy to around 10 years of age. This short tape is suitable for use in the classroom as well as at home. It can be used by teachers, parents, family counselors, ministers, physicians and healthcare professionals, social workers, daycare workers, babysitters... anyone and everyone who cares for children! Once you hear this tape, you'll want to give it to every child in your life (and maybe every adult, too)!

Side 1 of the tape features an original song composed and sung by Marianne that is simply contagious. Children absolutely adore it and want to hear it over and over again. Everyone who hears it, is lifted into a joyful space. Many find that they are singing it to themselves throughout the day! Also on Side 1 Marianne narrates a short inspirational message to children about the importance of loving themselves.  On Side 2 Carol Hansen delivers a powerful and inspirational message to parents and teachers about the importance of teaching our children to love themselves and exploring how we, as adults, can support them in that process. $10