World peace begins with inner peace.
What is reflected on the outer is merely a mirror
of what is on the inner.
Trying to change the world without working to change consciousness
is like trying to change the image in a mirror
without changing the object that is being reflected.

The physical environment and circumstances we experience,
are merely a reflection of our consciousness.
Our consciousness is created by our thoughts -- the true creative force.
To change our consciousness we must transform all our limiting thoughts.
This can be done effectively by using the Free Yourself process.

© Carol Hansen Grey, author Free Yourself from Fear, 1999

Free Yourself from Fear
Phone Consultation Sessions

The Free Yourself from Fear process is a powerful tool that helps a person break through any type of physical, mental or emotional limitation.  It is a simple process that can be done any time a person is feeling a negative or limiting emotions such as anger, fear, grief, frustration, disempowerment. Once a person has listened to the CD or read about the process, it can be done without any further guidance. However, often people find they would like help getting started with the process.

Carol offers private Free Yourself from Fear Consultation sessions by telephone to those living in the United States or Canada where she helps new clients get started with the process and/or returning clients to break through areas where the they may feel “stuck.”  During a session Carol guides the client to uncover and transform limiting thoughts and also brings the client through a Law of Attraction exercise that helps jumpstart an empowerment dynamic.

Private sessions are $90/hour, are done by phone and are paid for by credit card at the time of the call. Sessions typically take between one to two hours.  Prior to the initial session, the client must be familiar with the Free Yourself from Fear process by having listened to the Free Yourself CD. If you live in the United States, the phone call will be initiated by Carol and is included in the session fee. If you live in Canada you will need to initiate and pay for the call.

Small group sessions (2-3 people) can also be done by phone if all parties are able to be on the call either through a speaker phone or through a conference call service.

NOTE: This service is only available to those living in the United State or Canada. 

To contact Carol for more information about a
Free Yourself from Fear Session, leave a message
at the number below with the best time
to reach you and Carol will call you back:

24/7 Voice Mail: 925-695-9550